• Summer Of 1974: Boston’s Disgraceful Busing Bigotry

    School is out, and all the little kiddies are heading back to school or as the case may be, going to school for the first time. Brings back memories for some of us about – mostly good, but some very, very bad.

    40 years ago this September, the City of Boston was plunged into racial turmoil by a despotic federal judge and left-wing do-gooders obsessed with racial quotas. The resulting anarchy frayed already fragile race relations, destroyed neighborhoods, increased racial segregation and hostility, and did not result in improved education for either poor blacks or poor whites. In other words, a typical liberal social engineering failure.

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    There are plenty of villains to go around. You can start with Federal Judge Arthur Garrity, a despotic megalomaniac who thought it was his duty and mandate to micromanage the Boston Public Schools and play racial bean counter to boot. The national and Massachusetts Democratic Parties were either AWOL or in cahoots with Garrity. As long as the children of the liberal elite weren’t affected, they didn’t care if working-class and middle-class Democrats had their lives turned upside down. Blame also goes to the Republican Party, for not capitalizing on a golden opportunity to align itself with both working-class whites and blacks who didn’t want to be used as pawns in a game of racial checkers. While the GOP was opposed to busing, they mostly paid lip-service when they should have been threatening Garrity with impeachment and/or imprisonment, or directed monies directly to the Boston Public Schools to bypass Garrity and the Massachusetts educational establishment.

    But the biggest disgrace may have been the one institution that should have been the most vociferous opponent of the busing plan: the Catholic Church, including the Archdiocese of Boston. Instead of standing with her flock and defending the civil rights of school children to go to their neighborhood schools (the #1 reason why parents buy a home in a certain area in the first place), the Archdiocese inexplicably aligned itself with a Who’s-Who of anti-Catholic, anti-Irish liberals. Led by a nice guy but a clueless Spanish-speaking outsider in Cardinal Humberto Medeiros, the Boston Archdiocese and the national Catholic Church missed a golden opportunity to strengthen her bond with her most loyal subjects, instead allowing public policy to be dictated based on the whims of Church bureaucrats loyal to the ACLU, the NAACP, the Boston Globe editorial page, and other left-wing political and racial groups. It was this same thought process and strategy that led to the pedophilia scandal less than 20 years later, as the same people who didn’t give a **** about Irish Catholics in the busing controversy not surprisingly didn’t give a **** about pedophiles preying on young Catholic school children. Cardinal Law took the fall, but the real guilty parties were the leftists within the Catholic Church who sided with Garrity and the NAACP and spit in the face of loyal Irish Catholics.

    The real heroes were the working-class Irish-Americans who led the fight against the forced busing edicts and stood tall against death threats, bigoted editorial lies, and racial and ethnic slurs. Louise Day Hicks, John Kerrigan, Elvira “Pixie” Palladino, Billy Bulger (yup, Whitey’s brother), and future mayor Ray Flynn never forgot their roots and stood tall against the liberal elitist bigotry. Instead of being honored and praised by the Catholic Church, however, they were largely shunned. The future protectors of pedophiles were welcome, the loyal Irish and Catholics were shown the door. And this same Catholic Church then wants to conduct studies on why it’s losing members and loyalty? "Really?" as that Saturday Night Live skit with Seth and Amy used to ask.

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    Left to right: Elvira Palladino, John Kerrigan

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    Left to right: Billy Bulger Ray Flynn Louise Day Hicks

    The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston should issue a formal apology to Catholics and to the civil rights defenders who protested and fought against forced busing. The U.S. Department of Justice also needs to issue a formal apology, along with paying compensation to those individuals – black and white – whose lives were turned upside down by a racist, elitist social engineering folly. Payment should be made to both poor and middle-class whites and blacks who were negatively affected by the policy. If the brain-dead GOP establishment wants some winning issues to run on, here you go.

    If the GOP wants to ‘reach out’ to middle-class whites and poor blacks, then get to work, guys. This is the kind of issue you want to raise, not those parroted on the front-page of The New York Times promoting editor-in-chief Arthur Sulzberger’s Upper West Side of Manhattan elitist snob agenda. The best winning issues are those that are NOT on the front page of The Times or The Globe or The Post or being discussed on cable TV or the evening news. You don’t find liberal media elites in bed with the Democratic Party likely to be discussing issues that reflect negatively on those same political allies.

    With September upon us, reflecting back on 40 years of elitist racist drivel on civil rights policies including forced busing, quotas, racist affirmative action, and the new code word for liberal Jim Crow policies – ‘diversity’ – it’s time for Republicans and conservatives to take out the sledgehammer and wield it come November 2014 and again in 2016.
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