• Black Left Shows True Colors In Ferguson Race Riots

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    “Physical evidence does not change because of public pressure or personal agenda. Physical evidence does not look away as events unfold. Nor does it block out or add to memory.” - Ferguson, Missouri chief investigator DA Robert McCulloch

    In announcing the grand jury’s decision to the public, St. Louis County DA Robert McCulloch said it was physical evidence that helped jurors sort through inconsistent witness statements. But that wasn’t good enough for the low-IQ voters, looters, and assorted criminals, who President Obama and Attorney General Holder believe should be listened to. Apparently, every racist and criminal element in the ghetto is to be appeased, regardless of whether they think Michael Brown had his hands up and was saying ‘Don’t Shoot’ (he wasn’t), the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty (they weren’t), or Tawana Brawley was kidnapped and raped (don’t make me laugh). Facts be damned, we need to be ‘sensitive’ to certain groups of people, all of whom are key Democratic Party voting constituencies.

    During the 1960’s, the media and elected officials did not say that America needed to respond to the ‘legitimate concerns’ of white rural segregationists in the South. States’ rights, forced busing, racial quotas and affirmative action – all of those were reasons to oppose the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Not only were those ‘concerns’ ignored, they turned out to be true. But equal time for the rural white Southern perspective was considered much less important than today’s big city, urban, ghetto hoodlums and their supporters.
    The looters and uninformed 70-IQ protesters who didn’t get the decision they wanted and decided to riot are now supposed to dialogue with the rest of us ? Wonderful. And the President of the United States says that there is a legitimate grievance in the black community, because they can’t all just be making it up.

    Oh, yes they can, Mr. President.

    We know that the early, most vocal, and most visible ‘witnesses’ to the incident lied through their teeth just like Al Sharpton when parroting the lies of Tawana Brawley, another race fraud case whom a large portion of black America rallied to defend. Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s weed-smoking partner and accomplice to the strong-armed robbery we have all seen on videotape, insisted that “Big Mike” had his hands up and was shot in the back. He insisted that Officer Darren Wilson did everything but shoot Big Mike from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

    Turns out that Dorian Johnson, who has an outstanding arrest warrant and has lied to the police before, was once again lying through his teeth. Yet MSNBC and CNN made Dorian Johnson out to be a reliable witness, because a weed-smoking felon with a prior arrest for lying to police and who just helped rob a convenience store is someone you want to rely on for his veracity, right?

    Then there’s the racial cesspool known as the Congressional Black Caucus, a hotbed of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-American race radicalism. Led by an assorted group of 70-IQ poverty pimps and welfare queens, their members went to the floor after the Ferguson decision to repeat their know-nothing approach to race relations.

    Why should Americans be concerned with the left-wing, racist, false narrative of black urban ghetto race-baiters like Al Sharpton and his ilk? Law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are supposed to appease people dumb enough to be led astray by a guy like Sharpton, who tried to frame 3 innocent white men for a bogus rape and kidnapping, helped burn down a white-owned Jewish-owned store that led to 7 deaths, and led “Kill The Jews” rallies in Crown Heights? This is the kind of garbage that the rest of us are supposed to sit down with and come to an understanding with? On what basis?

    Why should America respond to the Ferguson troublemakers, protesters, and looters whose entire rationale is based on a falsehood, namely that the Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in the back with his hands up ? Why should America respond to the usual race-baiters whose entire political capital is invested in stoking up racial resentment and racial hatred ? Why should America believe a president who said of an incident between a black suspect and a white cop in Boston, “I don’t have the facts, but I’m sure it was stupid.”

    Should we be allowing complex issues involving shootings, ballistics, DNA, and crime scene investigations to be handled by these intellectual pygmies? Why?

    For the last 50 years ever since the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, Americans have been subjected to a one-sided debate on race relations from a politically correct biased media, academic, cultural, and social elite, 90% of whom vote Democratic and support liberal causes. With 90-95% of blacks voting Democratic, how can the Democratic Party and black leaders be expected to be fair and objective, given that their political viability depends on winning the black vote by 10:1 or 20:1 margins (Barack Obama won it by 32:1 in 2008)? With blacks voting so overwhelmingly Democratic and with blacks comprising 25% of the Democratic Party’s voting strength, this homogenous voting bloc – concentrated in large, cosmopolitan, heavily Democratic urban areas – wields disproportionate influence on too many political issues, not least of which is race.

    How else to explain the continued deference to racist black liberals like Charlie Rangel and John Conyers, despite the damage they have done to their communities over the last 6 decades? How else to explain the media referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as ‘civil rights leaders’ when they are in fact racial demagogues? How many black elected officials or so-called black leaders have a record in fighting crime, creating jobs, or financial expertise that can help blacks achieve financial and economic independence? How do you explain the lack of ideas to help their communities coming from these intellectual heavyweights the last 50 years, all the time the black family, black communities, and black neighborhoods all went to pot?

    The American people have had it with the defenders of cop-killers, lawlessness and thug behavior. Time for the GOP and conservatives to make it a campaign issue as well, attracting middle-class voters to the GOP by the millions as well as liberating blacks from the intellectual shackles they have been enslaved in for decades while doing the Left’s and the Democratic Party’s plantation bidding.
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