• Happy Anniversary, Bernie Goetz!!

    “It’s now open season on black youths in New York City” – Black New York City elected official after the shooting

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    30 years ago today, I was at my 1st job out of college, working in mid-town Manhattan. On this day, a young electrician on the NYC subways was accosted by 4 thugs ‘asking’ him for money. Goetz, realizing his life was in danger, opened fire with a gun, fled to New Hampshire for a few days, then surrendered where eventually he was found not guilty on the shooting charges but found guilty of defending himself by violating NYC’s pro-criminal gun laws.

    Goetz’ actions were supported by most New Yorkers and Americans, black and white. The 4 thugs who confronted Goetz had long criminal records. Three of them subsequently went back to jail for committing other infractions, including their leader, who was imprisoned for raping and sodomizing a pregnant woman on a rooftop (whatta guy, huh?). The only one who didn’t go to jail had been left paralyzed by one of Goetz’ bullets, thus finding his criminal career prematurely ended. Hey, life is tough.

    Of course, the Black Left – aka the black political establishment – called the actions ‘racist.’ How dare a white man defend himself from these darling yutes (if I can borrow from Judge Chamberlain Haller). The NAACP’s Benjamin Hooks, a professional crybaby and whiner, called Goetz’ actions racist while saying nothing about the 4 thugs with criminal records who were committing crimes against whites and blacks. Virtually every black elected official in New York City engaged in verbal hysteria, saying the Goetz action and subsequent refusal to indict meant it was open season on blacks. Well, yeah….black criminals. And white criminals. But we all know that politicians and political groups represent their constituencies and if one’s constituency just happens to be criminals, well, there is your explanation for the lack of elitist and Black Left support for Goetz.

    Many blacks, including those in the jury pool and on the subway that day, supported Goetz. Ann Coulter has written extensively on these and other individuals in the black community who are fed up with the pro-criminal racial excuse makers in the black political elite in her book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama .” The GOP and conservatives need to promote these law abiding, taxpaying members of the black middle class as proof that a lifetime of mere subsistence on the Democratic Welfare Plantation are not the destiny of poor blacks.

    Of course, one of the racial know-nothings who attacked Goetz was a 300-pound piece of lard by the name of Al Sharpton. Not nationally known at this point – Sharpton was mostly running money and tax scams to line his pockets; the Tawana Brawley Hoax was still 3 years away – Sharpton said that Goetz had no right to defend himself from the 4 thugs.

    Funny, that Sharpton. Just a few years ago Sharpton was championing the case of John White, a Long Island homeowner who went out to confront a small group of high-school students who had a beef with his son. Both White and his son were in their home; the students were on the street or at the end of the driveway, misbehaving to be sure, but no threat to trespass or break into the home. Despite being holed up, despite the presence of landline and cell phones, and despite the youths not aggressively moving on the home, White went out to confront them and shot one of the students, a 17-year old Italian-American.

    White was convicted of manslaughter but received a pardon from Harlem politician-turned governor David Patterson (of “Saturday Night Live” fame), who has assumed the governorship when Elliot Spitzer imploded. Patterson had a long political history of speaking fondly of criminals and Sharpton was White’s biggest cheerleader and supported his pardon, even though a Suffolk jury had convicted him.

    Comparisons involving crime – and crime situations involving race – are always specious. But let’s compare the Goetz and White situations:

    • Goetz was alone in the subway; White was safely in his home.
    • Goetz had no way to contact 911 or the police (cell phones not available in 1984); White had cell phones as well as a traditional house phone.
    • Goetz’ assailants had surrounded him and demanded money; White’s son’s high-school associates were at the end of a driveway, not even at the house let alone inside the house.
    • Goetz was not convicted of assault; White was convicted of manslaughter.

    The stench of hypocrisy would certainly drench Sharpton, except that the 2 cases aren’t even the same because Goetz properly feared for his life from 4 career criminals while White was safely in his house and the high-schoolers were at most looking to confront his son over what turned out to be a bogus Facebook threat to a mutual friend.

    The lack of publicity nationally in the White case – including the lack of racial discussion – shows why the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases were media creations whipped up by opportunistic black demagogues who need to stoke racial resentment in the black community to maintain their political and economic lifestyles.

    The John White situation and the courageous law-abiding blacks who came forward in the Wilson-Brown confrontation (and did so anonymously, for fear of reprisals) brings to mind a great quote from legal scholar Ann Coulter, who said "White people don't feel any obligation to defend some thug just because he's white. Only blacks are expected to lie on behalf of criminals of their own race."
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