• America's Race Problem: Blame Liberals, Democrats, & the Media

    Attachment 83The GOP is regularly smeared as racist. Terms like "white supremacy" are thrown out with casual frequency. Meanwhile, the REAL racists --black supremacists -- are given a free pass. This is not a coincidence. It is the deliberate strategy betwen an Iron Triangle of Democrats, Liberals, and the Media to slander the GOP, conservatives, and the American people -- while giving a free pass to a leadership group that is further to the Left of even their own constituency but must be pandered to lest the Demorats imperil 25% of their voting base.

    America’s Race Problem is a Democratic Party Problem

    Race was in the news lately, the senseless slaughter of 9 black angels in a Bible study group in Charleston last month, the President using the “N” word, the Confederate Battle Flag (actually the Battle Flag of Virginia), etc. There is no doubt that race relations have gone into the toilet since Barak Obama was elected president, which is no surprise. Obama was a typical black liberal from his undergraduate and law school days, balancing between race-radicalism and Bill Clinton-like pragmatism. But while you can take race out of radicalism, you can’t take radicalism out of race. At least not for left-wing blacks and libs.

    Let’s be blunt: America’s race problem is a DEMOCRATIC PARTY problem. It always has been, from slavery and segregation to forced busing, quotas, and affirmative action. The difference is that while liberal elites had no problem exposing rural, white, Southern racism in the 1950’s and 1960’s, they have shown very little interest in exposing urban, ghetto black supremacist bigotry in the 1990’s, 2000’s and beyond. And the liberal media – in the hip pocket of the Democrats as evidenced by their 10:1 support for Democrats/liberalism over Republicans/conservatism – has no interest in exposing the real racism in America, either. They took their TV cameras 1,000 miles away to the Deep South in the 1960’s to expose white rural segregationists but can’t be bothered to take their TV cameras 3 miles from Manhattan to Brooklyn to expose inner-city ghetto thugs who call themselves ‘community activists.’

    Those inner-city ghettos would be where ignorance, poverty, lack of education, and racial bigotry and sewage reign supreme. Once upon a time, that was the rural, white Southern areas of the country. Today, they are the urban, ghetto areas of America’s major cities. But the liberal media, academia, and educational elites – encamped in those same areas – ignore them because to do so would expose their own stench of hypocrisy and their self-righteous racial morality.

    Again….because these cities are Democratic strongholds – sometimes by a 10:1 margin (note that 10-to-1 ratio again !) – the liberal media can’t expose the symbiotic relationship between urban black racism and blacks making up 25% of the Democratic Party’s national vote. These locations are both the strongholds of the Democratic Party (see map below), the location of most black voters, and the home of the major broadcast and cable networks and their TV personalities.
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    They also include the guttersnipe black separatists and racists. This is why you hear so much about some GOP individuals meeting with Southern heritage types – but not a peep about the Congressional Black Caucus meeting with Louis Farrakhan. Or Obama and Holder, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the country, meeting with race pimp Al Sharpton. The same Sharpton who accused the New York State Attorney General of ‘masturbating’ to pictures of Tawana Brawley, helped burn down a white/Jewish-owned store in Harlem (he wouldn’t tolerate any “white interlopers”), led “Kill The Jews” marches in Crown Heights, and tried to frame 3 innocent white men on a bogus rape charge.
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    The sad truth is that the vast majority of black elected officials are either overtly racist in their language and beliefs or in their voting patterns. It’s evident to anyone even remotely familiar with historical voting patterns of black Democrats or living in or near a major metropolitan area. Even so-called esteemed veteran lawmakers like Charlie Rangel and John Conyers are not above being racialists. Rangel regularly uses racial slurs to address whites, and Conyers (and his racist wife – read here) has long tolerated the overt racism of Detroit, his political base since the mid-1960’s. Half the adults in Detroit are functional illiterates, unable to read or write, according to the Detroit Free Press (perfect fodder for black nationalist and separatist racial politics). No surprise, the 2012 election results in Detroit were 98% for Obama, 2% for Romney.

    The local and elected pols are one thing. Then you have the racial stench of bigots like Al Sharpton, whose history of anti-Semitism, anti-Asian, and anti-white bigotry goes back decades. But instead of exposing this race charlatan, the liberal media either ignore his bigotry and racism, downplays it (deliberately or through half-*** research efforts) or worse, gives him a TV show with the potential to reach millions of viewers. OK, hundreds of viewers.

    The directive is clear for Americans: in order to get rid of racism, we need to get rid of the racial stench of those who politically and financially profit from it. This includes the poverty pimps and welfare queens of the Democratic Party, who benefit from keeping blacks government dependent, uneducated, and plagued by crime (Detroit: 98% Obama, 2% Romney). It also allows race bigots like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to act like unauthorized interlopers on every national incident that involves (or doesn’t involve) race, in a way we would NEVER allow racist white segregationists to act in the 1960’s or 1970’s.

    Sanford….Ferguson….Baltimore….. Black Lies Matter.

    And some of us have had it with the lies.

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