• The Mathematics of Democratic Racism

    Is ideological kinship the reason why Democrats and the media tolerate black racism ? Can the double-standards on race in America be explained by math and logical self-interest? The MCA explains why black racism has been allowed to thrive the last 50 years despite an obsession with stamping out white racism at all costs.

    Why do Democrats play the race card? Why won’t they discipline racist blacks and crackpot organizations like Black Lies, er Lives, Matter ? Why won’t they stand up to race thugs and race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ? Why does the liberal media slander the GOP, as they did recently with President Trump and Charlottesville, while looking the other way at black racism far more belligerent, self-evident, and unapologetic?

    Answer: Because they don’t have to. Let’s do the math:

    • The black vote accounts for 25% of the Democratic Party’s voting base. Without blacks, the Democrats can’t win in California and New York, let alone nationwide.

    • That black vote goes to the Democratic Party the last 50 years 90-95%; Obama won the black vote with 97% and 95% in 2008 and 2012. In other words, he won the black vote 32:1 and 19:1 – massive overwhelming margins, more than any other voting bloc or special interest group. The vote margin – the net vote profit of attracting various demographic voting blocs – is highest by far with black voters.

    • This was done largely in concentrated urban areas with much greater population density and ease of turning out the vote. It’s a lot harder for the GOP to turn out their vote in the suburbs or rural areas. A single housing project in Bed-Sty Brooklyn can have thousands of black voters; you would need to visit dozens of neighborhoods or drive hundreds of miles in rural areas to reach similar numbers of Republican voters.

    • The Liberal Media Elite (LME) also vote Democratic by a 10:1 margin and have no interest in exposing their political allies and geographic neighbors as racial or political extremists. They are not neutral refs or umpires calling it fair-and-balanced and letting the American people decide. They have a rooting and betting interest on the Democratic Party and liberalism and they slant their coverage accordingly.

    So….when analyzing the mathematics of the black vote and the Democratic Party, we see a great incentive for liberal and leftist blacks to promise to deliver the black vote to the Democratic Party come **** or high water. It’s clear that the actual substantive policies they have for blacks have been somewhat lacking the last 50 years (see, Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s The Negro Family report from 1965). For every 1,000 black voters turned out, the net profit or vote margin for the Black Left and Democratic Party is 900 or 950 Democratic votes less 50 or maybe 100 Republican votes.

    In other words……the vote profit margin is close to 90%. Compare this to the so-called “gender gap” which Democrats may win 55-45%. The net profit or vote margin is about 10%. Turning out 1,000 extra women yields about 100 net votes for the Democratic Party, or close to one-tenth the potential by stoking the black vote. The net vote margins for organized labor is about 33% (a 2-to-1 Democratic vote) and even for Hispanics it is only about 30-40% (depending on how much the Hispanic vote goes for Democrats).

    Note that this also explains the Democratic Party and the Black Left’s obsession with so-called “voting rights.” Since 9 out of 10 black votes are going to be cast for the Democratic Party, the more votes for the Democrats, the more power that accrues to the Black Left. You didn’t think that John Conyers and Charlie Rangel were kingpins because of the progress that Detroit and Harlem have made since the mid-1960’s, did you ? No, it’s because they deliver the bacon.

    If the black vote were only 2-3% of the Democrats vote total, nobody would care. If blacks remained 25% of the Democratic Party’s voting numbers but the total black vote was evenly split or close to evenly split versus the GOP, again, it doesn’t matter. It’s like the Italian or Irish or German or WASP votes – they don’t diverge too much from 50-50, so nobody cares about the voting bloc, their leaders or issues (if they exist), or if anybody is paying attention.

    So…you have a very easy threshold to gather 25% of your natural voting base. Which means you aren’t going to do anything to imperil it. Which means that if the so-called ‘leadership’ of this voting bloc is far-Left and somewhat racially vitriolic, you ignore it. The radical agenda of the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Lives Matter, etc.….they don’t matter. The liberal media broadcast from overwhelmingly Democratic urban areas, attend liberal colleges and universities, and live in and attend social gatherings in these same cosmopolitan elite media centers. So the racism of black Leftists on the New York City Council or the New York Senate or Assembly or in Congress isn’t a concern to Andrea Mitchell or Leslie Stahl or Norah O’Donnell or Dana Bash or Brooke Baldwin. The Lipstick Babes are concerned with skin color, not substance.

    But ex-Klansman David Duke is a concern of the Lipstick Babes. Because even though Duke is persona non grata in the GOP – unlike black radicals welcomed into the Democratic Party – Mitchell and Stahl and O’Donnell and Bash and Baldwin can tie him to the GOP (even though the GOP has no contact with him), something they would never do with Charles Barron, John Conyers, Keith Ellison, or Al Sharpton with the Democratic Party.

    At least Duke actually apologized to the groups he offended back in the 1990’s; has anybody seen Al Sharpton apologize for trying to frame innocent men and send them to jail in The Tawana Brawley Hoax ? For leading “Kill The Jews” rallies in Crown Heights in 1991 ? For helping to burn down Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem in 1995? For his anti-white, anti-Italian, anti-Irish marches through Howard Beach and Bensonhurst in the 1980’s ?

    Only when the GOP gets off its *** and starts to tar and feather race pimps like Sharpton the way the LME target strawmen like Duke will this nonsense cease.

    Who in the GOP has the guts to say or act on this ?

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