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  1. Article: The Mathematics of Democratic Racism

    You can view the page at
  2. Article: America's Race Problem: Blame Liberals, Democrats, & the Media

    You can view the page at
  3. Re: Liberal Sports Columnist Rips Apart Phony Athletes' "Social Consciousness"

    Thanks Gondek...hoping to get the Forums up-and-running in the near future. Stay tuned !!
  4. Liberal Sports Columnist Rips Apart Phony Athletes' "Social Consciousness"

    NY Post Sports media columnist Phil Mushnick is a liberal -- but an honest and intelligent one. And he rightly continues his 35-plus years criticism of self-promotion and sports hypocrisy by going...
  5. Chicago Murders & Shootings Through The Roof; Chicago Resident in WH Says Nothing

    Sorry, the black community is getting what they deserve and have asked for. Until...
  6. Re: ConocoPhilips (COP): 6% Yield, Dividend A Priority.....BUY !!

    Well, that sure worked out well, huh ? :headbang:

    I still like COP but now it's mostly an E&P paying a 2-3% dividend yield (not bad, since very few E&Ps will pay any dividends or yield more than...
  7. Racist Black Panther Congressman Sides With Street Gangs

    Yeah, black liberals aren't pro-criminal, they just approach the problem differently.

    Another 70-IQ ghetto hood rat who has helped to destroy his community:
  8. Replies

    Grades Are Racist !!

    A Long Island educator says he was labeled a racist and fired for enforcing...
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    Thugs & The Black LIES Matter Crowd

    Great analysis of the Peggy Hubbard video and the entire Black Lies, er, Lives, Matter baloney:
  10. ConocoPhilips (COP): 6% Yield, Dividend A Priority.....BUY !!

    I really like ConocoPhilips in the $50 range. Of course, I liked it 10 points higher, too, so what the **** do I know, right ? :hoping:

    Seriously, the stock obviously tracks oil prices and oil...
  11. Obama's Racial Entitlement Complex And Your Neighborhood's Property Values

    Not content to dump an occasional slum housing unit into middle-class neighborhoods, now the race radicals that attach themselves to Obama and the Democrats want to slum-ize your neighborhood:
  12. No-Politics Thread: Please Pray For The Black Angels of Charleston, SC

    Forget all the other BS -- and we can have a dozen threads on this and other Forums to debate -- just pray for the good people and their families killed Wednesday night at the AME Church in...
  13. Black Racism You Never See From The Liberal Media

    Came across this while web-surfing.....nothing exciting or sexy, just some Crown Heights (NYC) zoning and development meetings.

    But note the anti-Semitic, anti-white vitriol from a far-left racist...
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    NYPD Officer Brian Moore, R.I.P.

    Another cop doing one of those stop-and-frisks that we are told are 'unacceptable' by the pro-criminal Black Left.

    Like Steven McDonald some 30 years ago, this encounter turned bad. McDonald was...
  15. Stanley Cup Playoffs: NY Rangers Bring It Back To MSG For Game 7

    Now close the deal, guys !!! :grouphug:
  16. NYFD Employing Quotas To Discriminate Against Best-Qualified Men

    Mayor Bill de Blasio, you have a life-and-death problem.

    “This guy de Blasio is a disaster,’’ Thomas Von Essen, the...
  17. Suzanne Crough, Tracy on "The Partridge Family", Passes Away At Age 52

    Another slice of my youth passes many happy Friday nights did I have in the early-1970's tuning in to ABC's Kids Block during prime time (and on a black-and-white TV !!) ? :bye:
  18. Father & Son Butchered In House Watching Football -- Media Ignores Crime

    Gee...what a surprise.
  19. Another BS Accusation Of Racial Profiling By An Ignorant Black Female

    The entire episode was videotaped...the cops cut her son a break.....they didn't...
  20. 15-Year Old Thugs Kill Philly Father Walking His Dog
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    Re: Utility of apartments in Kochi

    Are you real or is this spam ?
  22. Enter the U.S. Illegally....Never Paid Taxes....Get 3 Years Of Refunds !!!

    You have to be kidding me:

    The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to...
  23. Re: Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's "Mr. Spock", Dead At Age 83


    His religious upbringing also influenced the characterization of Spock. The character’s split-fingered salute, he often explained, had been his idea: He based it on the kohanic...
  24. Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's "Mr. Spock", Dead At Age 83

    Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr....
  25. Black Group Demands White Pol Grovel For "NAAWP" Rerence****-to-lose-leadership-post/24055069/

    As usual, the leaders of 'tolerance' are 100% intolerant.

    The Tenn. GOP...
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